The Experience Design Experience: Week 5

Balanced Life App

  • What did you complete this module? This module I completely redesigned my creative brief document. I took a more neutral approach with the supporting elements. I also completed my surveys, contanct my expert, and used the initial interviews to create a feature matrix based on current competitors as well as user feedback. I placed this along two axis: User Feature Value and Feature Cost/Complexity. I also continued thinking through how I might develop some “pretotypes” based on the techniques taughe by Alberto Savola.
  • What will you complete next module? User flows – which will help with my initial pretotypes
  • What issues did you run across? The biggest issue I ran across was finding the sweet spot of describing the product to my survey participants without committing or influencing them with features that I have in mind. They needed enough info to react to but not so much as to influence their input and compromising their insights.