The Experience Design Experience: Week 6

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  • What did you complete this module? This module I worked on my user stories and taskflows. This was largely influenced by each Persona’s “Key Feature Request”. My approach was guided by insights from the Interaction Design Foundation’s website which I refer to often in my current role. My stories took the recommended form of:
    • As a {role} I want to {take some specific action}
    • So that I can {accomplish something}
    • Because I {The rationale behind it all}
  • What will you complete next module? Finialize and record slide show
  • What issues did you run across? The biggest issue I ran across this week was thinking through the absolute simplest flow for a user to complete the task. As I worked though this process, I found myself eliminating clicks and streamlining the interaction into the fewest steps that would also be clearly understood by the user.