The Experience Design Experience: Week 4

ChoChiZen Life Balance App

  • What did you complete this module?
    • This module I settled on a project direction. While this took some time, I ultimately followed my passion and that is reflected in my lifestyle and now in this project.
  • What will you complete next module?
    • I will intend to being thinking through experience flows and paper prototypes. To do this, however, I plan to also think about the visual language I want to use and mockup some initial visualizations that will be central to how the user experiences this app in a unique way.
  • What issues did you run across?
    • The biggest issue was a debate I had at work about this app. There are several competitors in this space. I think the key to this product will be to focusing on the branding. My 30 years as a dedicated practioner of the processes behind this app and the testimony of how this app literally helped me reassemble my life following  a near fatal car accident are stong brand elements I’ll need to bring into focus.