About Jhay

Jhay Davis –  Designer/Developer  

I oversee the experience design, creative, and technical development at Hero Rocket Interactive. This includes the development of all visual design, f/x  video production , music, and coding. I engineer experiences that successfully employ broad strategic vision and thinking while simultaneously creating a nimble environment optimized for rapid development and enhancements. I am also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Interaction & UI/UX Design with an emphasis on advanced integration between visual and technical design. Below are some recent completed efforts highlighting both visual and technical production.

Jhay Davis – Digital Experience Designer

Innovative leadership of high performance enterprise level digital strategies for: Marketing/Sponsorships, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing(SEM), landing page experience design and mobile app development for online sales acquisition. Leadership oversight of enterprise design and development of customer focused software with responsibility for removing the friction points from online purchasing.

Jhay Davis – Authored Articles on Leadership and living


IOS Game Development

Tap Dash Fast

Tap Dash Fast is a competitive game best played in a group. Players compete at parties, bars, or in office environments to see who has the fastest reflexes in a game that is simple to play but addictively competitive.

SwitcR – Space

Explosive mines, bombarding asteroids, dangerous rescues and you’re only one strike from death. Welcome to the treacherous world of SwitcR! An intergalactic maelstrom of enemies that will test your agility and will to survive. 

Gold Mine Escape

An underground mine exploration reveals a dungeon full of gold, gems, and treasures but also dangerous obstacles. Can you collect the gems and escape the dark mines?