The Experience Design Experience: Week 2

  • What did you complete this module? This week was a challenge to complete my brainstorming without “editing” my ideas while performing the exercise. We all are taught to edit and refine and this process is the complete opposite of that – at least initially. It was a real struggle and I feel there were times when I caught myself discarding index cards because the words I quickly jotted down didn’t feel right. As a side note, I now notice poorly designed experiences everywhere! Take a look at this evelator panel. In addition to the upper floors there is a lobby and a garage level. It took me several seconds the fist time I got on to figure out how to get to the lobby.
  • XD at its worst
  • What will you complete next module? Now that I’ve captured some themes and insipirations, I’ll need time to reflect on them further. RIght now it stil feels like an unorganized jumble of word soup
  • What issues did you run across? As I mentioned earlier, I have a habit of discarding ideas -perhaps too soon. That predates this class and that aspect of who I am currently reared its ugly head this week.