The Experience Design Experience




This week: This week I spent wondering where I’m going as an artist/technologist and if there can be an actual convergence of my ultimate expression and someone’s ultimate experience of that expression. This feels like important philosophical and ideological work for me to do as I explore how I’ll evolve as part of this educational journey.


Next week:

Next week I know I’ll need to set aside my ideas of how this journey should go. I’ll need to “empty my cup” in order to fully receive what is being offered, what is being taught. I’ll need to fully embrace a beginner’s mind.


Familiar Issues:

My issues are like a comfortable t-shirt I tend to prefer for bed time: I know it well and use its familiarity as a basis for my grounding and centering. My issues are rooted in inspiration that strikes like lighting but a painfully slow creative process that feels like the progression of river water smoothing and shaping rock. Maddening slow with no clear end in sight. How smooth could a rock be if you were to ask the water flowing across its surface? Potentially,there is no true end to creating, only steady evolution and polishing of that initial spark.

I never feel like whatever I’m working on is complete. Endless iterative cycles of improvements and refinements have become both blessing and curse as part of my creative journey.”

Jhay Davis

Creative Director, Hero Rocket Interactive