The Experience Design Experience: Week 13

Jhay Davis - Balanced Life Demo

Product Pitch Prep

Top  5 Insights I gained while preparing for my product pitch

Prepare Ahead of Time & Practice Often

Speak Clearly and Confidently

Limit Your Content

Engage with the Audience

Use Visual Aids Effectively

Follow Up After Your Presentation

How to Keep the Audience Engaged

Another insight I had this week was the full realization that the cornerstone of an engaging product presentation is to ensure that the audience is provided with a clear understanding of the practical applications for the product. This can be achieved by utilizing a combination of visual media and comprehensive narrative to elucidate the purpose and value of the item being presented. Additionally, when attempting to engage an audience, it is essential to consider their existing knowledge base and tailor the content accordingly, in order to maintain an appropriate level of interest throughout.

Here is a link to a resource I used to hone my pitch:

Great Product Pitch Examples