The Experience Design Experience: Week 12

Jhay Davis High Fidelity Prototyping

What did you complete this module?

Added the About Me and Portfolio to my design document. Also added high fidelity prototypes based on final feedback.

As part of my continuing product development I ensure I remain connected to discussions within our industry. This week I’d like to share a link to one of the resources I use:

IDEO Design Thinking

Jhay Davis - Design Thinking

Jhay Davis Hi-fi prototypes for the Balance Life App

What will you complete next module?

Final tweaks and fine tuning

What issues did you run across?

Deciding on the final design visuals for the hi-fi prototypes was more time consuming than anticipated. I wanted to ensure the final imagery and UI elements were faithful to both the function UI elements as well as in alignment with my moodboard from 8 weeks ago. That seems like forever ago!