The Experience Design Experience: 2022 in Review

Balanced Life - Hero Banner Image

The Year in Review: Balanced Life App Development

The development of the Balanced Life app in the experience design phase generated so many product insights that the road ahead if filled with several options to explore. Looking ahead, HealthKit and ARKit development will present the biggest opportunities to explore. LiDAR capability in the iPhone and iPad will be instrumental along with Apple Watch/Apple TV integration. The next phase of development will include robust testing of this functionality and an opportunity to get feedback from testers. 

The XD testing this Fall will be a vital part of the development cycle moving into the next year. Given the capabilities being explored, I’ll be switching from Adobe XD and moving to Figma in combination with the newly released Play App.

Play App for mobile development

This new development tool will help replicate the experience for testers in a way that will provide quality insights that better inform future design direction. Along the way, I’m inviting my peers to share their experiences as they test this new tool. Our combined journey in the XD space is sure to create a collaborative design space where we continue to learn from one another as we evolve our products.